An Apple product a year, helps the bank balance stray

The Apple rumour mill turned itself up to eleven as Bloomberg published it’s ‘what to expect from the iPhone 5 and iPad 3′ report. The rise in internet gossip is no surprise after Apple announced iOS 5 a few weeks back.

However, rumours are scant at best – faster processer, better camera – and are pretty much a given. Judging by the hammering my iPhone 3Gs is getting on iOS 5 at the moment (read that article here), Apple building tech to suit its OS is a must.

But I have a little, niggling problem with the Apple machine. Not just the lovely, physical iMachines, but also the juggernaught that is the free PR machine of Apple. Let me explain before you start pointing fingers and shouting ‘Judas’. I’m and Apple Fanboy like the best of them, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated by buying a product to be told a month after I’ve bought it there’s a new one out at the end of the year (I’m referring to the iPad 2 here). It’s just come out and yet the iRumours say the iPad 3 will be out for Christmas. Gah.

I should have seen it coming really as they do like to release an iPhone every year, but when you really think about it there’s little advancement to justify this. A faster processor is nice, but is it worth forking out more money for?

It’s all about the iOS really, but then is that enough? This Fanboy thinks not. Apple have done what they do best here – packaged the product up in a nice ‘look at the shiney-shiney’ keynote speech, with lovely Apple design and graphics (damn it, they are beautiful), in order to distract you from the obvious – Google Android has been doing it for longer, and iCloud is just Mobile Me rebranded with added Spotify.

This Fanboy is starting to think the iShine is wearing off. Yes, the Apple OS and Macbooks are superb and way better than any Windows offering. The iPad is a game changer and imitators are struggling, but will that change? The iPhone and iOS are great, but is it these days with great Android handsets flooding the market?

Maybe this is the much needed tipping point Apple need to spur them on to making giant leaps forward apposed to baby steps. I won’t pay ¬£500+ for babysteps. I’ll wait for iPad 15 in a couple of years for that.

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