Are Apple scared of Facebook?

An article out today reveals that Apple are scared of something. Microsoft? Don’t be silly. Google? Yeah, you’d think so. But no – Facebook. On first look this comes as a surprise, but when you start thinking about it it’s not as silly as it sounds. Apple have been tech innovators for years and now they’re leaders in the field. You’d think that Google was their main threat now that they have Android. But Facebook makes sense as Apple can’t do social. For some reason it baffles them. Just look at Ping – yeah, remember that? Ping is, in many ways, Apple’s elephant in the room; their toe in the water for social which just didn’t take off. It remains isolated in iTunes and probably will just be the long lost cousin. You know the one – the guy with the banjo, in the woods, who likes to collect rocks.

Google has search, social, and an ever growing platform presence with Android which is now out selling iOS. So what was essentially a search engine is now a bigger, integrated online presence. It’s ticking all the boxes.

Which brings me to Facebook. Facebook is now so ingrained into the internet that it’s a part of online life, and it knows it. Facebook now has its own currency, Facebook Credits, and is starting to integrate music and video sales. Remind you of another Apple ‘i’ product? Rumours suggest that Facebook’s also looking into physical sales through its platform which makes me wonder if Amazon should be worried.

Social is Apple’s achilles heal and Facebook may be smelling blood in the water. Google continues to do its own thing, but also likes to play nicely with some of the others out there especially developers. Facebook’s very similar in that respect but as of yet there are no signs that it’ll move into the hardware wars.

It also surprised me that Apple haven’t released an ‘iSocial’ network. They do have a habit of taking other platforms/products ideas and putting their iMagic on it to make it appear more amazing or completely new (come on, think about it – Facetime = Skype; iOS 5 = Android; Xerox + Windows = Apple OS).

That said, I’ll probably be proved wrong in a couple of years when we see the new Facebook HP Notebook.

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