Facebook starts to roll out updated News Feed – what does this mean for brands and marketers?

Facebook News Feed

Yesterday evening (UK time) Facebook showcased their re-designed News Feed, their first update since 2009. The new look is a more visual affair, showcasing images and videos in a richer way than before. Some, including ourselves, have commented how much it looks like Google+ who themselves rolled out an updated, more visual re-design only the day before. ‘Which came first’ comments aside, the new Facebook News Feed is a welcomed upgrade for brands.

The new design means more page real estate to play with as the left and right hand white space has been shrunk allowing for a larger canvas in which brands and marketers can ‘play’. With Sponsored Posts also being confirmed to appear in the stream, brands and marketers can be more creative in their visual advertising approach something we feel has lacked previously.

The new design also spreads to mobile, creating a streamlined approach to the Facebook platform. Again, this is an added plus for marketers as the streamlined approach will make it easier to plan and design campaigns for both desktop and mobile.

At this early stage however, we’ll have to see how this works with the new sub-feeds. Users can select what updates they want to see, e.g. All Friends, and the concern is that brand messages will be lost to those only selecting these types of personal feed. On the flip side, this can lead to better brand engagement through Brand and Page feeds and targeted marketing through specific types of feed, e.g. Spotify advertising only on a users Music feed.

We’re on the waiting list for the new roll out and, for once, are excited to see what Facebook have achieved. Or maybe we’ll just take a look at Google+ instead…