Facebook page admins: See who’s posting

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Facebook LogoIf you’re an admin on a Facebook Page, you’ll have seen that Facebook’s started posting a message at the top of Pages to notify administrators that their the names will soon start to show up next to their posts and comments. The feature, which will only be visible to other administrators, will launch on February 20 but will not be retroactive: only posts and comments on or after that date will be identified.

The ‘Learn More’ link above takes you to a Help Centre page titled “If multiple people help manage my Page, how can I see who posted something?” The answer says Page posts will show the name of the person “below the name of your Page next to Posted by” while Page comments will show the name “below the comment next to Commented on by.” Last but not least, you’ll also be able to see who posted or scheduled posts in your Page’s activity log.

For those who manage Facebook Pages with multiple admins, this is a welcome feature.

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