Facebook set to enter smartphone market – Facepalm?

As news broke this week that Facebook were set to launch their own smartphone in 2013, the Geekverse gave a resounding shrug of indifference. Is this one move by Facebook that’s hard to ‘Like’?

Facebook’s stance is that they believe “every mobile device is better if it is deeply social”. There’s no denying that with access to Facebook being higher on mobile devices than desktops. However we can’t help but feel with Facebook’s recent floatation this is one move to appease the stakeholders rather than Facebook users. With users adopting a full Facebook ecosystem they’re tied into a platform that intends to start making money through advertising which is set to explode on mobile.

Facebook are keeping their cards close to their chest at this stage so information is scarce and much is left to rumour. But the question we’d like answered is why don’t they just stick to the mobile apps? Maybe they’ve seen what Google did and want some of the mobile action.

2013 will come round quickly and we’re interested to see the Facebook smartphone offering. We just hope it’s not like the ill fated HTC Cha Cha. Remember that phone? No? Well no surprise there – yours now for £145.99 on Amazon if you fancy it….I’d stick to the Facebook app if I were you.