Over the past few weeks rumours have been mounting up about a possible Facebook music service, the loudest of which suggest a partnership with Spotify.  This would tie in with other stories that Facebook has been chatting to movie firms, notably Netflix. These are interesting, but not surprising, moves.

Facebook, or Zuckerberg, wants the platform to become THE hub for the internet especially when it comes to media, something that puts it into competition with Google on some levels. It would make sense for integration of other platforms considering Facebook’s subscription numbers. Add to this the amount of personal data held and you’ve a record labels, or film studios, advertising wet dream.

We know that Facebook wasn’t about the money and advertising, and I’m not sure it still is now, but this will all change in the future. It has to and will probably be a key point when Facebook start to talk to more labels/studios. At the moment integration with Spotify doesn’t seem that surprising – the music service already has integration of sorts, allowing you to post songs and link your accounts. But this could be the tipping point for entry into the US market where it’s not currently allowed due to labels antiquated copyrights and contracts.

Looking back at my previous post on the Web 2.0 crash, a move like this by Facebook paves the way for the dot.com winners to come into the fold and for smaller, less known dot.com platforms to be bought by the bigger boys or fall along the wayside. Surely integration with Facebook’s a winner? Or will it just make Facebook the new MySpace? Maybe Facebook will launch its own label? Time will tell, but things are moving so quickly we won’t have to wait that long.

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