Google+ is great…but it’s not a social network

I’ve recently been growing weary of Facebook, so whilst I had some post operation rest time I decided to get back into Google+. And you know what, I used Google+ and I liked it.

Facebook is now so ingrained into everything we do online that you can’t not avoid it. But the more it expands and grows the more confusing it can seem. I now lean towards Twitter for my opinion posts and quick sharing of content as I find Facebook can sometimes miss the spot. Then again, maybe this says more about my friends and the brands I follow.

Enter Google+. Having set up and populated my Circles I found that the content I was ingesting was greater in both quality and quantity than that on Facebook or even Twitter. Certain brands and celebrities were posting alternative content to their other platform profiles, and to those who were re-purposing their content it seemed easier to access and consume on Google+. And despite following a good number of profiles, I never felt overwhelmed or bombarded – something in part down to Google’s simplistic, yet brilliant, design.

Yet, Google+ never seems as social as other platforms. Whereas Facebook is about linking yourselves together (a network), Google+ is more about digesting (and sharing) content.

Google+ has gone some way to changing social networking paradigms, and although in part it is a social ‘network’ I believe it is more than that. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the label of ‘social network’ is incorrect when talking about Google+. Essentially it’s all Google’s pre-Google+ products upgraded and in one place. There is no real networking to be done. Linked In is a social network; Facebook is a social network; Twitter is part social network and part news broadcaster. So if anything, Google+ should be likened more to Twitter than Facebook and if I were to describe Google+ it would be as a broadcast channel that has a social interaction element.

I’ve fallen in love with Google+ and now use it more than Facebook. I hope more users start to adopt it which, as Google improve and expand it, they will.

Do you use Google+? Do you like it/hate it? And do you agree it’s not a ‘social network’? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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