Life has been fairly manic of late for Mrs H and I so last weekend we decided to just take it easy. With this ‘ethic’ in mind we spent most of Saturday on the sofa watching back to back ‘Supernanny’ and other E4 dross before a decision was made to download some movies from iTunes and order in some food. And this got me thinking – do I ever need to leave the house again? The web has made it so easy to have anything sent to your home at the click of a button, be it via courier, via 3G/wi fi, or via cable. As Homer Simpson put it, ‘How could one little wire bring so much happiness’.

We live in an age of convenience. If I want a book, I download it to my Kindle immediately. The same goes for music, movies, TV shows. I don’t even need to pay for entertainment thanks to YouTube, Vevo, Flipbook, or Spotify (unless like me you pay a subscription). I’m feeling hungry – great I’ll order food in, and whilst I’m online I’ll order the weekly grocery shop.

This doesn’t just stop at consumer goods. I can talk to family and friends thanks to Skype, or I can chat with virtual ones thanks to Facebook, Twitter, etc. But what about actual physical interaction with people you may ask? Well, I can invite them over!

I’m even writing this whilst I take my lunch break whilst working from home. See, who needs to leave the house!

Man can not live by wi fi alone? I think he can.

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