Is social media paying its way for your company?

So you’ve got your Twitter feed and some followers, your Facebook Likes are impressing the boss, and your Linked In group has some healthy activity. But is it proving itself in terms of investment, both in resource and campaign success?

ROI (return on investment) is seen as the holy grail by marketeers who, overwhelmed by the shear scope of analytics and measurables, have left it to the basics. But as SEM (search engine marketing) and social media itself evolve into an integral part of any marketing mix, are Likes and Followers enough?

In short, no. Likes and Followers are metrics left over from Naughties marketing and were never a solid metric to begin with. Most of these numbers would be made up of either spam followers or people looking to boost their own numbers and/or sell you something in the process. A final nail in the ‘Likes’ coffin was Facebook’s introduction of the brand timeline which removed the marketeers tool de jour – the Likegate.

Now marketeers need to think about engagement as one metric by which they should measure ROI and success. Put simply, engagement is communicating with your audience in a way that creates an emotional involvement and therefore holds influence and ultimately gains a result. Basically a long winded way of saying ‘someone who sees or clicks on your post’.

However, engagement numbers can be a double edged sword when read on their own. During a recent social media audit we conducted for a client, we saw extremely low engagement results for their Facebook page – around 2% dipping to 0%. Yet when you pitched this against their competitors, it was the same as three out of six of them.

Engagement is easily remedied by looking at what content is being created and creating more ‘engaging’ content. Posts with links aren’t as engaging as, say, a poll or a competition.

A simple change to a social media content strategy can increase engagement.

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