Keep calm and carry on

This week has been possibly one of the worst for this country. The recent riots that have dogged London and other key cities have shown the worst of our society. From a personal perspective I’m sad to see the city I’ve lived in and currently work in shown to the world in such shameful fashion.

From The Digital Times perspective, it’s been sad to see social media ‘blamed’ for the organisation of these riots and also for the spreading of information. Well, I ask the nee sayers to be quiet and look at the good that social media has done.

In a speech earlier today, PM David Cameron echoed the sentiment: “We have seen the worst of Britain, but I also believe we have seen some of the best of Britain – the million people who have signed up on Facebook to support the police, coming together in the clean-up operations”.

Add to this the rallying of Twitter users to oust looters and the adoption of #riotcleanup and #OperationCupOfTea, you can see that people do care about the society they live in – offline and online.

We are lucky enough to have freedom of speech and social media is a channel, or megaphone, that allows us to use our voices. As with offline society, there are always going to be pockets of people who abuse this right and who will use social for bad. But online those who use it for good have a bigger voice, one that carries and as we have seen can be used for amazing things.

Finally, there’s been a lot of awful stories this week and a lot of fear. To put our faith back in society, post us storied of the good things you’ve experienced or heard this week, on or off line.

Keep calm and carry on people….

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