Names not Klout, not coming in

Social media start up Involver today announced a new Facebook gating system that works using Klout. Essentially your Facebook influence, which will be measured using Klout, will allow you access to certain brands fan pages or apps on Facebook. Not only that but your score can open a world of perks again depending on your Klout score.

Press releases are quoting this as ‘personalisation for brands’. Yet I can’t help but see this as the creation of elitism for certain brands, a marketing initiative which could cost them some of their core market who are excluded for not choosing to engage with, or are new to, social media/Facebook.

I question whether better practice would be to utilise the Facebook Open Graph protocol and start looking at user interaction, relationships etc. Maybe start rewarding for ‘Liking’?

To me Klout scoring is a strange way to value your customer or add value to your brand – call it extreme niche marketing. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses and what the user reaction is. I can imagine it’s going to annoy some as much as it pleases others.

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