This is a non-digital broadcast

This is a non-digital broadcast. Repeat. This is a non-digital broadcast. As confusing and contradictory as that sounds, let me explain. This article is to explore the opposite side of my previous posts advocating digital and how it has improved our social lives.

Digital is great. Digital is my passion and I still stand by my views that online social media is enhancing and developing our social and sharing activity. But somedays I feel that technology has also made us less ‘human’ in day-to-day, real life.

I’ve decided to write this article because I just mentioned to my friend how I’m going to buy a Moleskin notebook because as much as I love tools like Springpad, you can’t beat pen and paper.

Everyday I cycle into work and am hampered by iPod zombies (iZombies?) who are oblivious to what’s going on around them. Heck, I used to be one but being on the bike has opened my ears up to life again. We are all guilty of this and seem to be content to shut out society and live in our own bubbles. I don’t believe this is right as it makes the majority unsocial and, well, rude.

I’m also equally guilty of being enslaved by my Macbook and iPad. I’m chained to my Mac at work and Macbook at home, and there I am flicking through Flipboard on the iPad before bed. And then I can read a good book…..on a Kindle.

Is all this technology making life better? In a word, yes. But there is a limit – a healthy limit to how much it can be used.

Maybe it’s time to take a digital usage audit.

And what about you – do you feel your web, tech, and/or digital use has got out of hand? Be interested to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below…

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