Should the web be renamed Facebook?

Those of you who know me also know I love social media. In fact, let’s just call it social as I question if the suffix ‘media’ really applies anymore. Anyway, I love social and what it stands for online – unity, collaboration, sharing, friendship….and I guess this is how Zuckerberg sees the web because Facebook is taking it over before our very eyes.

Yesterdays announcement detailed how Skype will integrate into Facebook’s chat functionality, an interesting partnership on many levels. But it’s not the only partnership rumoured for Facebook. As Spotify announced it’ll be launching in the US, Facebook’s said to be tying their service into the platform. Both services have existed till now as Facebook apps, but integration is a telling step forward.

Facebook Open Graph allows sites to integrate into Facebook to promote sharing through the Like button, something Zuckerberg acknowledged yesterday (Facebook’s largest function is now sharing). With 750 million users, and a soon to achieve goal of a billion, this means Facebook is starting to look like ‘the’ hub for the web. Add the fact they’re partnering with some key names from the web and you’ve got an interesting recipe for the web’s future – cross platform, or even full, integration to Facebook.

This is something Google have acknowledged with Google +1 and the new Google+. Social and sharing are the key ingredients of today’s web culture. But Google are a search name, and Facebook a social. Are we seeing a blurring of the lines? Possibly.

Facebook is so integrated into on/offline society, and the web as a whole, that I don’t think it could ever go the way of Myspace. Facebook is quickly becoming, the web.

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