Social for Good

We’ve all been horrified by the weekends news about the terrorist attacks in Oslo. As the news started to surface through Twitter on Friday I turned to the Sky News iPad app to find out what was going on through their live news feed. Over the weekend there was news of a Google+ circle that had been set up to help and inform those involved. Twitter also rolled into action with users asking people in the locality of the bombing to keep their wi-fi unlocked so that those trapped could lock on and get help.

It is amazing how much social media has changed our way of life. Not only do we now find out about new events as, even before, they appear on rolling news channels, we can also get a clearer “from the ground” report of events – citizen journalism. But social channels were full of those from the digital world, nee from all over the physical world, who wanted to help those on the ground in the best or only way they could – through online.

Inane chatter about cats and Justin Bieber aside, social media is an amazing benefit to our offline lives.

So, I want to hear from our readers about how they see social. Do you use social media as your news channel? Have you seen social used for good? Whatever your thoughts, enter the discussion by posting your comments below.



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