Social Media Activity: GlobalWebIndex Report

Social Media Update

GlobalWebIndex’s recent ‘Stream Social Global Report: Q1 2013′ report delivers some excellent insight into the activities of social media users aged 16-64 across 31 different countries around the world. Part of the report details the extent that users follow a group or Like a page created by a brand.

Some of the key results from the report are as follows:

  • Facebook saw a 27.5% increase in active users between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013 across PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Brand interactions on Facebook increased by 13% on mobile and 2% on PCs.
  • Twitter grew its active user base by 37%, and brand engagement on the micro-blogging platform increased 16.5% on mobile.
  • Brand interaction on Google+ increased 45.5% on PCs, and activity posts on PCs increased by 83%.
  • Twitter and Google+ both possessed Q1 active engagement rates around 60%.

The GlobalWebIndex report summaries that:

Facebook is now a primary platform for marketers, and Twitter has long used micro-blogging to connect with followers. With Google+ now gaining kudos for its “hangouts,” the platform is quickly building a user base and has opened unique opportunities for brand engagement thanks to its integration with other Google services, especially search.

Social Platform Update from GlobalWebIndex