Social Media Audit

Already active in social media, global management consultancy Hay Group wanted to answer the question “how are we doing?” Specifically, this long-standing client of our partner Plain Text needed to know how effective its activity was across platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and how it compared with competitors.

To answer the question, Honey Digital teamed up with our partner Plain Text, and looked in depth at Hay Group’s ‘social profile’, examining the company’s reach, influence and effectiveness. The social media audit also looked at seven key competitors before drawing conclusions about Hay Group’s position and its ‘share’ of the conversation.

As well as giving Hay Group’s brand team a detailed picture of the company’s position in social media, we were able to make clear recommendations for action. For example we suggested tweaking the way the company uses social channels to more closely match where its core audience hangs out online, and using metrics that give a clearer picture of ROI. According to global head of brand communications Octavia Wolton, it’s been a very valuable exercise for Hay Group: “With the clarity that Honey Digital and Plain Text provided, we now know how to refine our social media activity and get the best value from it for Hay Group.”