Social media for business

An article appeared on Mashable yesterday that made for interesting, and positive, reading. The article titled ‘Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?’ explains how brands and businesses are making a stronger push on social media.

As businesses ask us how social media can help them boost engagement and sales, we are seeing a new optimism and positivity towards social media as a viable marketing tool. This is an opinion mirrored in some of the research findings discussed in the Mashable article:

“Sixty-four percent of business owners say social media marketing is a promising tactic and they believe it provides returns — but they aren’t willing to go all in with it just yet and favor a more cautious approach. Another 20% are more bullish on its potential, according to the same study, while just 6% are hardcore skeptics.

How do marketers and entrepreneurs measure whether social media marketing pays off? Most do so by measuring the accumulation of friends, likes, followers and other online connections. Thirty-nine percent look at shares of brand content, while 35% measure actual leads from social media. Just 18% measure success by overall brand awareness and favorability as gauged by consumer surveys.”

If you’re a business looking to engage more with social media, then contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

You can read the Mashable article in full here.