Spotify made me fall back in love with music

It’s a little known fact that I have a degree in Popular Music. Another, possibly more well known, fact is that I was (and sometimes still am) a singer songwriter. But for a while music started to annoy me. In fact, I went off music totally. And I can’t blame Simon Cowell this time.

I’ve been an advocate of digital music for many years and as an example of how much I recently got rid of my whole CD collection after digitising it, something I have repeated with my DVD collection. Digital is the now and the future. But this also has a down side.

iTunes may have broken the music store model, but it’s become a product of its own success (maybe iCloud will change this, but heck Ping didn’t) and for sometime I felt we, the consumers, have become complacent with art forms such as music and film, to which we now have almost infinite access to thanks to the web and mobile platforms. But the demons have been wrestled and I now believe digital platforms have also aided music – film is yet to change and is where music was almost ten years ago.

So what changed my mind? Spotify.

And I know I’m not alone here as many of my friends have converted to the platform and dare not turn back.

They why is simple – access to a huge online repository of music; the fact I can share great music with friends through Facebook, Twitter and also directly through Spotify; the radio feature which has lead me to some great music I’ve never heard….oh, I could go on.

I now feel like the music collector and hoarder I was aged 14. I’m now discovering great music – old and new – and sharing it with my muso friends, creating long and complicated collaborative playlists. I’ve finally fallen in love with music again!

Spotify is great for the consumer, but for the artist it’s not such a clear winner – and I speak from experience here. The money made on a played track is minuscule and you’d need to be megastar status to make something from it. But to a small unsigned, or signed, artist it means your music is out there and available for discovery or promotion. So, swings and roundabouts. Better to be out there than not.

Do you have a Spotify playlist you’d like us to subscribe to? I’m always looking for new music so post a link in the comments below!

You can find me on Spotify also! And yes. There are some strange playlists…don’t judge me!

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