Linked In Privacy Policy Changes

LinkedIn makes changes to privacy policy

linkedinYesterday (May 13th) LinkedIn made changes to its privacy policy allowing advertisers to place sponsored content on the LinkedIn feed. LinkedIn has also introduced the Privacy Portal, a one-stop shop for users to access all their LinkedIn data. The company says it will also look to “clarify and simplify” the policy’s language so that privacy details are easier to understand.

In its blog, LinkedIn says that giving users “more clarity, consistency, and control” over their personal data remains the company’s “highest priority.”

In the SocialTimes, Forrester Research analyst Kim Celestre also expressed some criticism of the move:

“I expect users will be a bit disgruntled over this, especially if the sponsored content populates the news feed with more “noise.” One of the attractive aspects of LinkedIn is that the sponsored content and ads were non-intrusive. This changes that.”

Some may see this as another attempt to further ‘socialise’ the platform with sponsored content mirroring that of Facebook’s Sponsored Stories. Others will see this as an attempt to develop the earning capability of the platform as it appeases its shareholders.

Whatever the reason, any change to a platforms privacy policy is sure to irk a large number of users. David Jacobs, the director of the privacy project at EPIC comments:

“Some of the changes could be beneficial, such as giving users better access to their data. I think that ‘clarifying and simplifying’ privacy policies is usually code for ‘giving ourselves the right to increase the commercial exploitation of your data,’ but we will have to wait and see,”.

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