That darn green robot

I’ve seen a lot of articles today saying that the Android Marketplace is killing the platform. Although extreme, I think this has some validity.

About 10 months ago I decided to upgrade my iPhone 3G to an HTC Sense. I was intrigued by the Android platform that a few of my more techy colleagues had been glorifying. To a devotee to the Church of Jobs (Steve) this was a brave move, one that proved to be a stupid one. Having cooed over the initial interest in the new OS, the better graphics, and similarity to iOS I began to feel out of place. The fact was, it was not the iPhone and its iOS. The problem – the apps.

At first the Marketplace seemed clunky and then just downright bizarre. A quick search for a yoga app returned some, um, let’s say “interesting” results, and a further search for most of my favourite iPhone apps returned nothing. I started to convulse like Lindsey Lohan on a driving charge. I wanted my iPhone back. This was after four days.

Apple have got it right – moderation and quality rules work. Marketplace may be loved by programmers for its open source approach but this leads to a cluttered and frankly mind boggling store with some very dodgy side streets left to places like Soho. If the rumours are correct and Amazon are to launch an online Android Marketplace, I hope they bring in similar controls to those of Apple. A small change could make it a serious contender once more.

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