That Was the Week That Was – 08/02/2013

So we’ve made it past all the super bowl social media hype and we’re through to the other side and what’s been a fairly quiet week for social media. Here’s some of the main stories we’ve seen this week.

04/02/2013 – 08/02/2013

‘Vine’ gets an adult rating after ‘that’ posting 

Vine – Twitter’s new video clip sharing app – has had its age rating increased to 17+ on Apple’s store, the highest option following complaints that some of its six-second segments were pornographic. Read more on BBC News. 

People take a break from Facebook, some permanently

Well colour us shocked. People don’t acutally spend 24/7 on Facebook. Well, actually 39% of people do…somehow. Reports this week show that many people are taking long breaks from Facebook, some up to three months and some permanently. Read more on Mashable. 

Social network ‘Menshn’ to close
I know what you’re thinking – what on earth was Menshn?! Menshn was a Twitter like social networks that enrouraged discussion around topical news stories and events. We tried to use it but got stuck in several sign up loop holes that meant we could never access the site. The site actually closed due to infighting. Read more on The Telegraph.

Pinterest seeks new financing which could value scrapbook site at $2.5bn
Free photo-sharing website has about 48 million users – 39 million up in a year – and is looking at an advertising model. Read more on the Guardian.

And now for something completely different…

One of the top viral’s for this week – 24 years of news in 2 minutes. Ground breaking events and ones that changed the world. Meaningful video from Sky News.

And finally something fun and romantic for this week – what do kids think about Valentiene’s Day.

See you next week for more of ‘That Was the Week That Was’ from the Honey Digital bloggers.