Ad Wars: The Greenpeace Strikes Back

Most of us have seen the fantastic VW advert with the child Darth Vader (if not click here to catch up…). I’ve not seen anything as inspired since Old Spice man (he’s on a horse don’t you know).

Today Greenpeace’s clever response to this ad has gone viral. Their microsite is a direct, albeit fun, response to VW’s advert highlighting their opposition to key environmental laws. Clever this one is…better than RIM’s Playbook dig at the iPad which comes across as more of a petty and desperate USP.

Parody’s are nothing new but this takes a clever ad and rolls the joke even further. Can this hurt VW? From an environmental stand point yes, but by piggybacking the VW ad are Greenpeace not just giving more promo to the car?

Let’s hope it’s not going to backfire and do a Lando…

Greenpeace Darkside Advert

UPDATE – there’s an Episode II!

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