The Honey Digital Social Media Hangout

In my position I’m lucky enough to meet a good number of business owners and industry people who have varying and insightful views on social media for business. Through informal conversations we get to talking about views on social media, how it’s working or not-working for them, and some great lessons learned.

I thought these conversations offered some good insight and learnings that could also benefit other business owners and social media users. So I decided to create the ‘Honey Digital Social Media Hangout’ – a series of informal interviews that capture these opinions, insights and thoughts about social media for business from those using it and advising on it.

So without further ado, welcome to our maiden voyage – Episode One in the ‘Honey Digital Social Media Hangout’ series.

In this episode I talk to William Straker about his new business W Straker Office Solutions and how he both uses and engages on social media.

Going forward, these hangouts will be broadcast live on our Google+ page and available for viewing afterwards on our You Tube channel and by free, downloadable podcast (iTunes coming soon).

No time to watch? Then download this episode as an MP3 podcast from our Soundcloud channel now.