The Rise of the (Mobile) Machines

Recent reports show that iPads now account for 1% of all website traffic. ‘Woop-dee-doo – so what?’ you may ask. Well, considering about a year ago it was way under 0.5%, I’d say that is quite impressive growth. So, is it the end of the desktop?

In a word – no. Mobile devices are a bigger part of our life than ever before and mobile OS’s offer far more functionality than my old Amstrad CPC464. But the desktop, be it an iMac of a PC, is a work horse. I love that I can now compose and record music on my iPad, but at the moment it falls short in some areas where a desktop soars. The same goes for serious photo editing, design work, and building websites and apps.

However, processor heavy applications aside, mobile devices are far better than desktops in other areas. Personally, I devour online content and social media purely through my mobile device. Why would I power up a desktop when all I need is just a tap and swipe away. Apps, both Apple and Android, make this process far more slick, precise, and engaging than on a desktop. The same could be said for films and music. It’s easier to fire up a movie of Spotify playlist on a mobile device.

And what about gaming? Desktops offer amazing graphics and sound, but for a simple non-gamer like me, I’m just happy with Angry Birds and solitaire.

Mobile devices are exactly that – mobile. As a wired generation we’re brought up to access the majority or our info online, and that’s where mobile devices prosper. But when it comes to actual work, you can’t beat a desktop.


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