Content Marketing

A centuries-old promotional technique has come of age

Honey Digital Social Media and Digital Agency Surrey, Devon and CornwallIt’s hot right now, but it’s been around for years. Over a hundred years, in fact. So why the fuss about content marketing? What is it, anyway? And why should you care?

The Content Marketing Institute says it’s “the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.” We define it as “promoting your business using stuff that’s valuable”.

If you’ve heard of a Michelin-starred restaurant or read a supermarket’s free magazine, you’ve experienced content marketing.

It’s become popular because online and social media now make it incredibly easy to create and share stuff, spark discussions about it, and measure the results.

Most organizations are sitting on a goldmine of material that could fire the interest of customers and prospects. The daily wisdom of a technical guru. Some cool pictures of a new facility. Surprising research findings. Content like this can get your business noticed, build credibility and drive sales.

The good news is that content marketing is cost-effective and can deliver quick, measurable results.

We can help you get started, and offer the support you need – from telling the stories to choosing the right channels.

Copywriting – white papers, blog posts, web copy and video scripts

Strategy – how to choose and use digital channels to best effect

Tracking and analytics – easy ways to measure the success of your campaigns


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