Social Media Services

Social Media Services from Honey Digital Social Media and Digital Agency Surrey, Devon and CornwallIf the CEO loomed behind your desk right now and asked questions like: ‘ What’s the ROI on all this social media stuff you’re doing?’ Or ‘Why are you spending so much time on Twitter?’ Or even ‘Why aren’t you spending more time on Twitter?’ Would you have a ready answer?

Here’s where Honey Digital can help. Our social media marketing services can help you or your company achieve your online goals.

Social Media Audit

You’re probably already using social media somewhere. But is it worth it? Is it doing the right thing for your brand? Are your competitors doing better stuff?

Honey Digital can look at how social media is currently working for you and benchmark you against competitors and peers. We can then advise on how you can get more out of your social presence.

Social Media Strategy

Would you know what to do if tasked with delivering a social media strategy? (Choosing the right channels, using them properly, keeping the posts, pix, blogs and tweets coming, engaging with all the users…) Do you have the time? The resource? The money?

Honey Digital will look at your brand and followers and create a tailored social media strategy that not only boosts your channels, but also saves you  time.

Social Media Management

Facebook page – check! Twitter account – check! Linked In group set up – check! So now what?

Now you have to keep your followers engaged and develop your online community. All of this takes time and resource. Honey Digital can look after your channels for you and even identify new ones for you to engage with. We can turn your followers into advocates.

Social Media Advertising

You can’t go anywhere online these days without being targeted by ads. Social media is more targeted than anything else. You can now actively target ads by gender, age, location, hobbies, interests, activities… Have a product aimed at golf enthusiasts aged 58 who live in Surrey and like listening to The Beatles? Facebook can get your ad in front of that audience.

Honey Digital can advise and set up your social media campaigns, and optimise them to run alongside your other social media activity.

Facebook Applications

Having a Facebook brand page is great. But a Facebook app can drive you to the next level of Fan engagement.

Creating an exciting app for your Facebook page – polls, competitions, games – will drive user engagement and in turn boost word-of-mouth about your brand.

Social Media Reporting

The great thing about social is that it’s measurable. Using powerful analytics we’ll show you how your campaigns are working so you can calculate ROI.

Social Media Training

You may already have an individual or team looking after social media. In which case you may prefer to do the interaction yourself. Honey Digital can provide training and best-practice guidelines so your people become social media experts.

Outsourced, no-nonsense social media marketing

Plain Social is the name of our all-inclusive social media package, offered together with copywriters Plain Text. We can take care of your social media activity from strategy all the way through to tweets, status updates, even in-depth blog posts. Click here to read more.