Social Media Management

Social Media Services from Honey Digital Social Media and Digital Agency Surrey, Devon and Cornwall

Facebook page – check! Twitter account – check! Linked In group set up – check! So now what?

Now you have to keep your followers engaged and develop your online community. All of this takes time and resource. And this is where we can help.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media presence can be a full-time job requiring a team-based effort, and keeping teams working together on the same page can be a  huge task in itself. Most businesses don’t have the time, resource or expertise to manage all their social media channels on their own. It takes real effort to monitor competitor activity, fan activity and establish new ways of engagement.

Honey Digital can manage your social media. We can create content, distribute it, monitor it and create engagement around it. We’ll track everything and make sure your social media is working effectively for your business.

Content Creation

Social media has always been about sharing engaging content and getting people to amplify the message. But your content needs to be engaging in the first place.

The good news is that content marketing is cost-effective and can deliver quick, measurable results.

We can help you get started, and offer the support you need – from telling the stories to choosing the right channels.

We’ll write high quality content that reflect your company and we’ll customise to each audience and each channel.

Custom Social Media Campaigns

Take your fan engagement to the next level with polls, surveys, voucher offers, images and video and keep your audience interested.

By utilising polls, surveys and offers in your social media strategies, you’re not only creating engaging, shareable content but you’re gaining data and insights into your audience. This data not only shapes how you use social media but also your marketing and sales strategies.

Social Media Analytics and Consultation

Without business intelligence, you can never really tell whether your efforts are proving effective or not. Honey Digital will provide you with detailed analytics reports that show your’re generating more traffic, leads and a steady loyal following that ultimately converts to customers.

Social media analytics enable’s us to offer advice on what works and what doesn’t. In turn we can create better strategies and be reactive to online trends.