Plain Social

No-nonsense social media marketing. Action. Not just words.

Social Media Package from Honey Digital Social Media and Digital Agency Surrey, Devon and CornwallWant to “facilitate stakeholder engagement by driving interactive conversations?”

You’ve come to the wrong place.

Plain Social helps businesses get real, practical benefits from social media. We won’t waste your time with jargon. We can:

  • Research and devise your social media strategy. We’ll look at your marketing objectives, your current online activity and make practical, cost-effective recommendations.
  • Manage your social presence. If you want outsource social media, we’ll write your blog posts and tweets, talk with your followers, manage groups and discussions, monitor the issues you’re interested in and keep you constantly up to date on progress.
  • Show you how it’s working. The great thing about social is that it’s measurable. Using powerful analytics we’ll show you how your campaigns are working so you can calculate ROI.
  • Coach your company in social. If you’d rather do the talking yourself, we’ll provide training and best-practice guidelines so your people become social media experts.

Why Plain Social?

Because it’s a killer combination of social media savvy and communications skill. Plain Social is the brainchild of Honey Digital and Plain Text, experienced digital strategists and copywriters respectively.

We both realised that our clients needed something more than a digital specialist or a copywriting agency could provide alone. Plain Social offers a killer combination of social media savvy and communications skill. As well as helping you find the best way to use social media, we can help you craft and manage your messages and conversations too. Contact us to learn more.