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Client Testimonial

I have worked with Daniel Honey since 2008 as both supplier and client. In 2011, Daniel prepared a social media overview for my company Plain Text, designed to bring us up to date on the latest issues in social media and recommend how we make best use of the medium. This proved to be an excellent investment: lucid, valuable and well presented, even by the exacting standards of a professional copywriting company!

Partially as a result of this exercise, Plain Text has now partnered with Honey Digital to create joint social media propositions for our clients. This is not something we have undertaken lightly. Plain Text’s client relationships have been carefully nurtured over many years and we only introduce partners whom we trust to provide the highest levels of service and counsel. Honey Digital provides both these and I have no hesitation in recommending the agency to anyone looking for savvy and responsive digital and social media services.

Skills: Social Media Consultancy Client: Plain Text Location: London