That Was the Week That Was – 01/02/2013

On our old digital blog – The Digital Times – we used to put together a weekly blog post highlighting the digital and social media news from the week and we’d also post some funnies we found along the way. These posts proved really popular so we decided to kick start them again here on the Honey Digital blog – the ‘new’ home for the Digital Times.

So without further ado, let’s crack a bottle of champagne over the bow and set off on our maiden voyage.

28/01/2013 – 01/02/2013

RIM releases Blackberry 10 and changes name to, um, Blackberry. 

This week saw declining smartphone maker RIM take an ‘everything on black’ approach to the new Blackberry 10 release. Also decides to change company name from RIM to Blackberry. #nobrainer Read an excellent round up of the Blackberry announcement from The Guardian. 

Google+ passes Twitter to take number two social network slot behind Facebook

We are HUGE Google+ fans here at Honey Digital and welcomed this news with a resounding high five. Google+ has now gone from ghost town to party town. Read more about this on The Wall blog. 

Zuckerberg denies a Facebook phone is in the works as shares tumble

In an effort to dispel long-running rumours, Mr Zuckerberg said releasing a Facebook phone was “not the right strategy”. His comments came as his company announced a sharp drop in profits – but an increase in revenue. Read more about this on BBC News. 

And now for some fun…

Valentines day approaches and I think this card says it all for the geek in your life.

Geeky Valentines Day Card

And in the aftermath of the Lance Armstrong scandal comes this piece of genius.


See you next week for more of ‘That Was the Week That Was’ from the Honey Digital bloggers.