Twitter ads now based on browsing history

Twitter Advertising

Twitter AdvertisingTwitter is making it possible for any advertiser to target users based on their browsing history. Twitter ads will be fuelled by browser cookies from websites users have recently visited and will appear on Twitter’s mobile app even if the sites you visited were on a desktop computer.

Tailored ads are powerful because they allow advertisers to zero in on users that already have shown an interest in their products. For example, a hotel can nudge Twitter users that have visited its website or joined its email-subscriber list. An email address is one of the few pieces of information Twitter requests when new users sign up.

Companies generally can’t tell when the same person visits their sites on desktop vs. mobile, and Twitter helps them bridge that gap. That’s attractive to advertisers since consumers increasingly are spending more time on smartphones.

“Retargeted adverts” as they are known, have not previously been successful on mobile, because phones and tablets do not leave the same level of cookies or trail of breadcrumbs about which sites you have visited that laptops and desktops do.

But by analysing the cookies in your desktop browser, it’s anticipated that Twitter will be able to use that information to target relevant adverts for mobile as well.

The use of cookies is thought to be part of Twitter’s plan to become an advertising powerhouse after the $23.8 billion valuation proposed by its $43.69 share price.

Twitter currently offers an opt-out of retargeting under “Promoted Content” on its “Security and Privacy” settings page.


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