Who’s on Social Media?

Knowing your audience is key to being an effective marketer, and this is especially true on social media. For social media marketers, knowing your core users on each social network dictates which platforms to focus on. Social media marketing platform Sprout Social recently released a superb infographic that shows the main channels demographic data.

Overall, the data shows social media to be the medium of choice for women. This is especially true on Pinterest where women made up 42 percent of users, and Snapchat where women represented 70 percent of users.

On other networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, the numbers were a little more even, but women represented a higher percentage of users. Men use Twitter slightly more than women and Google+ was an anomaly with men making up 74 percent of the user base.

Social media audiences are also relatively young – 18-29 year-olds make up the largest age group on nearly every platform. LinkedIn is the only network where the percentage of 30-49 and 50-64 year old users outnumber their younger counterparts. LinkedIn users also had the highest average income.

Not surprisingly, Snapchat attracts the youngest users, with more than 70 percent under 25. 62 percent of these users also make less than $50,000 annually, perhaps making them a group with less buying power than the core demographic on other social networks.

Here’s the full Sprout Social infographic and demographic breakdown:

Social Media Demographics



[Source: Sprout Social; AdWeek]


New Pinterest Features

Pinterest introduces new features

New Pinterest FeaturesPinterest have been busy! Announcing a handful of new features this week, Pinterest continues to establish itself as a top showcase platform for brands.

Below we detail these new features and give examples of brands utilising them.


Place Pins

Place Pins let users add an interactive map to any of their boards. Place Pins include extra details like the address and phone number right on the Pin itself. This feature is useful for smartphone users who can take these Pins anywhere and find places on the go and even get directions.

This feature is extremely useful for travel brands, and has already been showcased by top names including Conde Nast Traveller, VisitBritain and the Four Seasons.

Pin It Buttons

The Pin It button has now been improved to allow users to tailor its colour and size for their website. This is a much needed requirement and allows the button to feel more organic as it fits to a sites look and feel. Pick the best colour for your site —red, white or grey— and a size, small or large, and you’ll get a button that allows tons of people to discover the best things from your site.


A technical move by Pinterest that allows great integration for brands boards within their own sites. Pinterest detail this as:

Partners can now showcase their most popular Pins right on their own websites and mobile apps. In the coming weeks, we plan to release even more API endpoints so you can show off your Pins.

This API development has been rolled out to select partners at this stage, including Mashable, Elle Magazine and Whole Foods. This will roll out to more developers shortly.

You can read more about these new features in more detail on the Pinterest Blog.

Social Media Facts 2013

Social Media Facts 2013

Looking to sell the case for social media to your boss? The Digital Insights infographic below covers all the latest social Media facts, figures, numbers and statistics of 2013 which can help you sell the case for social media.

Some of the most fascinating facts are mentioned here-

  • 74% of marketers believe Facebook is important for their lead generation strategy.
  • 28% of Retweets on Twitter are due to inclusion of “please RT!”.
  • 40% of marketers use Google+, 70% desire to learn more and 67% plan to increase Google+ activities.
  • 42% update their profile information regularly on LinkedIn.
  • Every second 8000 users like some or other photo on Instagram.
  • Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55-64 year olds.
  • 80% of total Pinterest’s pins are re-pins.
  • 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites.
  • Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show, telemarketing, daily mail, or PPC.


 Click on the infographic to enlarge it. 


Pinterest Article Pins - The Honey Digital Blog

Pinterest Rolls Out New Look Article Pins

Pinterest Article PinsPinterest has announced new look article pins for businesses that help promote article content to its platform users. Pinterest claims that more than five million articles are pinned each day so this change will be of benefit to both content producers and consumers.

Going forward, pins from media sites will have the headline, author and story description right on the pin making it easier for Pinners to find and save stories that matter to them. There’s also a bigger link to the source, so Pinners can easily make their way back to your site to keep reading.

In its announcement, Pinterest states that ‘article pins can help writers, media and other businesses reach new audiences, get more referral traffic and extend the lifespan of their content. On Pinterest, stories remain clickworthy and discoverable long after they’re published. Buzzfeed, for example, says Pinterest is a top referrer of traffic to their site, thanks to the Pin It button’.

So how does this work? Well, for example, a Pinner who is interested in getting healthier. They might save articles from a health site to a Healthy Living board and keep adding to it as they find health articles other people have pinned. It won’t matter if a story is two weeks old or two years old as it will be added to your board.

Article pins is part of Pinterest’s rich pins, their broader effort to make Pins more useful.

The initial roll out for this feature includes big names including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and Mashable.

If you want to get the new look article pins for your business, visit the Pinterest developer site.