B2B Social Media – top-line social media facts for your business

Social Media for B2BWhen presenting we’re often asked why companies should be using social media at all. Although a very valid question it’s one that requires statistics and graphs rather than fluff and marketing gobbledygook. So we decided to use our experience, knowledge and the social media library (aka. the internet) to put together some top-line facts and ‘how to’s’ for clients.

It proved very popular and so we decided to share these slides with the world. These slides are aimed at those who are new to social media or are considering adopting social media in the their business but want to begin justifying their investment.

The slides cover:

  • Social media channel statistics
  • B2B and B2C comparison
  • Measuring ROI and engagement

These slides are part of a larger presentation but provide a taster for our social media for B2B offering.

If you’d like to talk through these, or have us come and present to your company, then email us at

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