Why Use Social Media in Business?

A common question we’re asked by businesses is why they should engage in social media for their projects. For those questioning the value we have the following points:

  • Better communication and engagement. Building conversations through social media provides insight into audiences and drives high-quality engagement with them. You can manage and take control of online conversations – dealing both with complaints and tough questions, and engaging in positive dialogue. Social media also engages and updates business organisations, stakeholders and partners. By interacting with thought leaders and influential bloggers, you can boost your presence and positioning within your field. And keeping staff and advocates updated and involved will lead to better internal take-up of social media and promotion of your key messages.
  • Valuable insight. Looking beyond your own social media channels and tuning in to third-party blogs and forums gives further insight into conversations and topics relevant to your goals. It reveals the ideas, influencers and the attitudes shaping the marketplace.
  • Targeting. By using data and analytics from social media and other marketing channels, you can shape on-and-offline messaging and target organisations and individuals more accurately with the right messages.
  • Reputation management and a controlled online presence. Social media alerts can uncover online conversations about your company or project, so you can get involved promptly where appropriate and maintain your online reputation.
  • A ‘live newsroom’ and PR channel. Social media channels can be ‘go to’ places for information and updates, and increasingly are the best channel for managing the conversation with media too.
  • A medium to engage and motivate employees. Social media is not just about looking outwards. Engaging staff and stakeholders through social media will increase internal advocacy – “a connected business is a social business”, one that inspires people.

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