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This feature is now available from our Contact Us page and is great for those who’d like to get in touch with us to discuss their requirements, plus for existing clients who just want to ask for some quick help online.

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Yee Olde Social Media

This brilliant cartoon popped up on our feeds today and got us thinking – what would a social media professional been before there was social media? A PR consultant? Or maybe even a marketer?

What do you think?

Vintage Social Media

Why Use Social Media in Business?

A common question we’re asked by businesses is why they should engage in social media for their projects. For those questioning the value we have the following points:

  • Better communication and engagement. Building conversations through social media provides insight into audiences and drives high-quality engagement with them. You can manage and take control of online conversations – dealing both with complaints and tough questions, and engaging in positive dialogue. Social media also engages and updates business organisations, stakeholders and partners. By interacting with thought leaders and influential bloggers, you can boost your presence and positioning within your field. And keeping staff and advocates updated and involved will lead to better internal take-up of social media and promotion of your key messages.
  • Valuable insight. Looking beyond your own social media channels and tuning in to third-party blogs and forums gives further insight into conversations and topics relevant to your goals. It reveals the ideas, influencers and the attitudes shaping the marketplace.
  • Targeting. By using data and analytics from social media and other marketing channels, you can shape on-and-offline messaging and target organisations and individuals more accurately with the right messages.
  • Reputation management and a controlled online presence. Social media alerts can uncover online conversations about your company or project, so you can get involved promptly where appropriate and maintain your online reputation.
  • A ‘live newsroom’ and PR channel. Social media channels can be ‘go to’ places for information and updates, and increasingly are the best channel for managing the conversation with media too.
  • A medium to engage and motivate employees. Social media is not just about looking outwards. Engaging staff and stakeholders through social media will increase internal advocacy – “a connected business is a social business”, one that inspires people.

Looking to showcase the worth of social media in your organisation? Download our free presentation, ‘Why Social Media?’ now.

Facebook starts to roll out updated News Feed – what does this mean for brands and marketers?

Facebook News Feed

Yesterday evening (UK time) Facebook showcased their re-designed News Feed, their first update since 2009. The new look is a more visual affair, showcasing images and videos in a richer way than before. Some, including ourselves, have commented how much it looks like Google+ who themselves rolled out an updated, more visual re-design only the day before. ‘Which came first’ comments aside, the new Facebook News Feed is a welcomed upgrade for brands.

The new design means more page real estate to play with as the left and right hand white space has been shrunk allowing for a larger canvas in which brands and marketers can ‘play’. With Sponsored Posts also being confirmed to appear in the stream, brands and marketers can be more creative in their visual advertising approach something we feel has lacked previously.

The new design also spreads to mobile, creating a streamlined approach to the Facebook platform. Again, this is an added plus for marketers as the streamlined approach will make it easier to plan and design campaigns for both desktop and mobile.

At this early stage however, we’ll have to see how this works with the new sub-feeds. Users can select what updates they want to see, e.g. All Friends, and the concern is that brand messages will be lost to those only selecting these types of personal feed. On the flip side, this can lead to better brand engagement through Brand and Page feeds and targeted marketing through specific types of feed, e.g. Spotify advertising only on a users Music feed.

We’re on the waiting list for the new roll out and, for once, are excited to see what Facebook have achieved. Or maybe we’ll just take a look at Google+ instead…

Social Media Design and Facebook App

Remote Control UK is a freelance PA and corporate hospitality expert who also specialises in discounted West End theatre tickets, the o2 and Wembley Arena. Director Caroline Deayton approached us to help update and enhance her social media profile designs.

After a review of her existing social profile we also advised on capitalising on her Facebook engagement with a Facebook app designed to promote sign-ups to the Remote Control newsletter, their main source of advertising and client interaction.

The results were an improved Facebook banner, app icons, a Twitter background showing website and social media details, and a newsletter sign-up Facebook app.

Client Testimonial

“Daniel Honey and Honey Digital have been nothing but professional regarding their work and especially with their work ethic.  They are always quick to respond to an email and have been flexible and creative when working with me to design my blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, all of which get complimented on a regular basis.  Daniel has not let me down in any of my requests and his knowledge on social media has meant that I have asked him to speak at a monthly meet-up I co-host.  I would have no problem in recommending him to anyone requiring his expertise.”

Twitter: The Fastest Growing Social Platform

Twitter is now the fastest growing social platform increasing 40% between Q2 and Q4 2012. This means there are now 485m account holders and 288m active users.

The infographic from below also shows that:

  • Saudi Arabia has the largest number of active users in the EMEA region. 
  • PC still has the largest number of active users, something we were surprised at having expected mobile to be on top.
  • Biggest uptake is with those aged 25 to 34 and with those who are self-employed.

Twitter still proves popular however Google+ is not far behind with over 400 million members and over 100 million active users. Could 2013 see Google+ overtake Twitter? Or will Pinterest surge forward?

Twitter is the fastest growing network in 2012













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Happy Valentines Day from social media

St Valentines Day. A day for flowers, intimate dinners, romance, and some great advertising.

We think these are the best so far….let’s just say, they get the message across.

Seen anything better out there? Tweet us what you find – @Honey_Digital

Valentines Day advertising from Ikea

Valentines Day advertising from Ikea

Valentines Day advertising from Hovis

Valentines Day advertising from Hovis

Valentines Day from Lurpak

Valentines Day advertising from Lurpak

That Was the Week That Was – 08/02/2013

So we’ve made it past all the super bowl social media hype and we’re through to the other side and what’s been a fairly quiet week for social media. Here’s some of the main stories we’ve seen this week.

04/02/2013 – 08/02/2013

‘Vine’ gets an adult rating after ‘that’ posting 

Vine – Twitter’s new video clip sharing app – has had its age rating increased to 17+ on Apple’s store, the highest option following complaints that some of its six-second segments were pornographic. Read more on BBC News. 

People take a break from Facebook, some permanently

Well colour us shocked. People don’t acutally spend 24/7 on Facebook. Well, actually 39% of people do…somehow. Reports this week show that many people are taking long breaks from Facebook, some up to three months and some permanently. Read more on Mashable. 

Social network ‘Menshn’ to close
I know what you’re thinking – what on earth was Menshn?! Menshn was a Twitter like social networks that enrouraged discussion around topical news stories and events. We tried to use it but got stuck in several sign up loop holes that meant we could never access the site. The site actually closed due to infighting. Read more on The Telegraph.

Pinterest seeks new financing which could value scrapbook site at $2.5bn
Free photo-sharing website has about 48 million users – 39 million up in a year – and is looking at an advertising model. Read more on the Guardian.

And now for something completely different…

One of the top viral’s for this week – 24 years of news in 2 minutes. Ground breaking events and ones that changed the world. Meaningful video from Sky News.

And finally something fun and romantic for this week – what do kids think about Valentiene’s Day.

See you next week for more of ‘That Was the Week That Was’ from the Honey Digital bloggers.

B2B Social Media: it’s ‘people-to-people’

Social Networking for BusinessMany companies are still sceptical when it comes to adopting social media as part of their digital marketing mix. However social media is impacting on business, and the way we do business, more than ever. Thinking has also progressed beyond segmenting between B2B and B2C – it’s about  “P2P: people-to-people”, a way of thinking that not only applies to clients and customers but also to employees.

The video following this post shows that a “connected business is a social business”, one that inspires people. As well as connecting with customers through social media companies now need to connect with their employees. It’s about connecting with as many people as possible both internally and externally.

Virgin, especially Richard Branson, are big social media adopters and place a high value on allowing staff to take control – “At Virgin, everyone own’s social media”. This is a big step for many companies and given the recent HMV Tweetgate story, one that may scare companies. However given the right strategies, social media policy and training, handing staff the social media reigns can pay dividends; staff can be key players when it comes to “finding those stories – those one off moments” and engaging your brand online.

But the largest element of social media in business is in creating content and thought leadership. Creating online content also “augment(s) and accelerate(s) offline content” so shouldn’t operate in a silo – it should act in part as a catalyst and driver for offline, as well as online, enagagement.

Social media in business should not be pushed aside and seen as a fad for the consumer market. We’re social beings and social media and online engagement are a natural evolution for marketing and messaging, one that businesses need to utilise in order to engage with the conversation.

B2B Social Media – top-line social media facts for your business

Social Media for B2BWhen presenting we’re often asked why companies should be using social media at all. Although a very valid question it’s one that requires statistics and graphs rather than fluff and marketing gobbledygook. So we decided to use our experience, knowledge and the social media library (aka. the internet) to put together some top-line facts and ‘how to’s’ for clients.

It proved very popular and so we decided to share these slides with the world. These slides are aimed at those who are new to social media or are considering adopting social media in the their business but want to begin justifying their investment.

The slides cover:

  • Social media channel statistics
  • B2B and B2C comparison
  • Measuring ROI and engagement

These slides are part of a larger presentation but provide a taster for our social media for B2B offering.

If you’d like to talk through these, or have us come and present to your company, then email us at